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                  SINCERITY OF SHIELD

                Shield company was founded by a group of young intellectuals in the poor and backward time of 1992. Its beginner's mind was to make China strong with science and technology, make it rich with industrialization, and serve it through Industrial development.

                For more than 20 years, the beginner's mind has never been forgotten. Shield survived by filling the gaps of China’s industry and developed by breaking the monopoly. Finally Shield become an outstanding provider of shina, shivena, shigena and shilatex and so on worldwide. In retrospect, the achievements are worthy of the times.

                With the achievements, the founder of Shield was awarded “2018 China Entrepreneurial Model”. Its award words: no road is longer than persistence and no mountain peak is higher than belief.

                In an instant, everything passes, everything becomes history. Today's China has changed very much. Now and in future, we will still walk along the path as we had come, and continue to serve our homeland through artisan spirit and hard technology.

                KEY LINK

                -2018 China Entrepreneurial Model

                -Shield Solution shining in CCTV road show titled Heroes of Entrepreneurship

                -Shield has won all lawsuits filed by Hexion after   long legal battles of six years

                Vinyl /Glycidyl Neodecanoate
                HPLC Solvents
                No road is longer than persistence and no moutain peak is higher than belief.
                Shield Solution shining in the CCTV Road Show titled Heroes of Entrepreneurship
                Shield has won all the lawsuits filed by Hexion after long legal battles of six years.
                Media Center
                競⌒ 博電子競技賽事平臺歷程
                Shield History